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Forensic Prophecy

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It must have been days that I was caught away in prayer seeking God in one of the most trying seasons of 2020. In the late hours of the night at our ministry studio, I was on the floor in the back of our sanctuary when a strange presence entered the far right corner of the room… It was the angel of the Lord. As he entered I heard the name Mercy being given to my spirit. “Mercy has Come!” This was a mercy in the angelic realm. I inquired about this visitor and instantly the angel of the Lord replied… “ We carry our assignments!” He stated, “we carry our assignments like our name, we take our assignments seriously.” He continued, “And my assignment for you is Mercy.” In a moment he reached up and pulled back a curtain, my spirit filled with fire as I saw the room that was exposed behind this curtain… numerous events, prophecies, mysteries, and revelations lay behind this curtain and in this enigmatic room. Instantly I turned my gaze away! This sight was too deep for me, too real and too open for my eyes to look upon, fear entered me at the reality of what I saw and what it meant. It was a revelation of what it seemed God may be calling me into. What God would have me behold. The Angel of the Lord continued to reveal to me what was coming before my ministry – he spoke of what I would see, some of what I would prophecy in days to come, That day I learned that there was more to this Prophetic thing than I even knew, however there is no plain language to describe how to access these realms... instead there is grace to teach from centuries of ancient prophetic wisdom unlocked in the scriptures from prophetic schools & ways dating back to Enoch Samuel and Elijah! In this Lesson, learn the secrets of prophecy and unlock the mysteries of the spirit of the prophets. COURSE READING Forensic Prophecy, By: Apostle Frequency Revelator (eBook Included in Course)

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