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Prophetic Deliverance

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It was something I never asked for. It was just something God gave me. And when it came, it was something I never wanted. They say that Ignorance is bliss. Being someone with endless questions, and a desire to know it all, I never understood that statement. Until I really began to see. What I saw, what I realized, and what I began to understand brought another common fraise to mind. Beware what you wish for. The problem was, I didn't wish for this - none of us do. It's just there. We either choose to acknowledge it or not. It's the real reality of our world that we live in. It is the truth behind the curtain, the revelation behind the veil, and the hidden brought out into the open. It's the reality of a spiritual world, full of great things, yet also full of terrible things as well. The good news is that Jesus is bigger than it all. And every terrible thing is completely under our feet. So there is nothing to fear! But there is a warfare in between it all that we must face. IN THIS COURSE I have put together some of our best teaching on demons and demonic influence, with revelation of the spirit of prophetic deliverance. Listen, watch and begin to have some of your deepest questions answered!

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