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The Gifted Spirit!

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Ever since I can remember I have inquired of God about a reason for life, our existence, and the purpose of everything. I began asking God about my purpose at the age of five years old. It was definitely not the average age of inquiry for most five-year-old's. But I can distinctly remember lying in my bed staring at the ceiling wondering what life was all about. I would ask myself simple but elusive questions like, "who am I, why am I here, and what is the reason for my life?" The more I inquired like this as a child, the more I felt something being drawn to me, or mostly me being drawn toward something… It wasn't long before that something took me right out of my room to a place that left me awestruck and bewildered a majority of my childhood. It was there where God began to baptize me in purpose, before I even knew what the word purpose meant. I would go into more detail about this visitation and encounter with the Lord, but that's another book. I just wanted to share a piece of this story to invite you into another one. This book and teaching is not just about purpose, but also about gifts. It wasn't much later till I began to discover gifts and abilities I possessed that kept me still searching for the meaning behind it all. Even though I discovered parts of myself at an early age, there remained a huge gaping hole in my heart. Even after becoming an artist, and a writer among many other talents and gifts that developed, attracted attention, won awards and accolades—I still remained lost and dissatisfied. I would later on learn that only true purpose can complete a person and bring that person's gifts to fulfillment. In this Companion course with my book "The Gifted Spirit" learn to better discover and identify your gifts and what "Gifts" actually are! Trust me there is more about gifts than you may know! COURSE READING The Gifted Spirit, By: Michael David Watson (eBook Included in Course)

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