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The Seer's Gift

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In today's church culture, we are growing more and more aware of the prophetic move of God that includes prophets and seers. In earlier generations, the prophet and the seer were essential to Gods work between kings and nations in the Earth. The prophet and the seer are still a vital gifts to the body of Christ that you don't only find in the church today, but you will also find all throughout the world and in every facet of our society. Additionally, there is a prophetic people who carry the seer's gift in the most common places, and there is purpose in this gift no matter where you are or who you are! There is a difference between the Seer and the seer's gift. Because the seer falls within the office of the Prophet, it's this office that operates as a Seer ordained by God to carry out a special restoration work in a time, region, or generation. The seer's gift is the ability for all saints, Christians, men, and women of God to perceive the things of God in their own homes, lives, and prospective arenas of life. While the Seer himself is a Restoration Gift given exclusively to the Church, the seers gift is the working of the spirit through the body of believers all throughout the earth. By the most basic biblical reference, prophets and seers are the eyes and the mouthpiece of God in the earth in whatever capacity one is positioned or called. In This Class Learn Keys & the Tools of the Seer and how to navigate the Word through your seer Gift! INCLUDED COURSE READING Understanding Prophetic Dreams & Visions, By Frequency Revelator

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