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*NEW* The World of Angels *eBook Included!*

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It was around midnight in the ministry studio... I was on my face in prayer seeking the heart of the lord - this season was one of the toughest in the ministry, I was actually thinking about closing down the church at this time - when an unusual presence dropped down in the back left corner of the sanctuary. I stood up to see and behold the angel of the Lord was before me! He was speaking a prophecy concerning the season of ministry that I was about to embark on! I questioned this spirit, asked his name, asked about his assignment... The things I learned in this encounter became part of the foundation of the reality of angels that I want to share with you in this prophetic lesson. As a young prophet, I have always had a sixth sense concerning the angelic realm - even before I had revelation on Angels. As I grew in ministry and in the prophetic, the depth of understanding concerning this realm has deepened and expanded so much in my life! There are many dimensions in the realm and world of angels yet to be explored. This realm is more present than most are aware and to encounter and eventually see this realm, there are things about the angelic world you must know! The greatest lessons I've learned about angels were not taught to me by a man, neither by the lord... but even the greatest lessons taught to me about angels, have been from angels themselves. In this Lesson, learn the Foundations and Mysteries of Angels from my own personal experience, and even some lessons taught to me by angels themselves that will expose you to the depth of a world that you never knew existed. And enjoy a verry extensive and exclusive read from one of my mentors made available to The Gifted School and all students. COURSE READING The Ministry of Angels, By: Apostle Frequency Revelator (eBook Included in Course)

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