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How to Pray for LGBT'S

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Article by: Michael David Watson

"God is uncovering, revealing and exposing Satan’s plans to throw our cities into a demonic takeover!"

It’s pretty clear that we are definitely living in a very crucial time, and darkness and Godlessness is increasing and will continue to increase even until Christ’s return (Mattew 24:3). Yet Regardless of the increasing darkness in this generation, we still have a very crucial part to play in these end days. We have a crucial position to uphold in the earth all the way to the hilt of Christ's glorious coming. And we can’t afford to delay or withdraw an inch from the places that God has called us to hold. There is an opening and a time within this age for the coming and going of heavens supply in preparation for the finished work of Christ to meet at completion... and while we are within this Open season of History where God is pouring out his Glory we must be aware and alert of the enemies tactics right at the center of God's agenda for these last days. God is uncovering, revealing and exposing Satan’s plans to throw our generation into a demonic takeover. And God has recently been revealing and uncovering some of those targets within the city of Cleveland. These matters are a direct concern for the church and needs to be addressed even more. These matters are directly connected to Revival within our cities. A HIDDEN REVIVAL Our city of Cleveland is known for its tough spiritual Ground, for years many have come in the past to try and evangelize the city and bring a real revival - and for years revival has seemed to come through while the fire was ignited but never able to really catch and hold the blaze. A pastor historically acquainted with ministry in Cleveland once said to me that it seemed in the past men and women of God who were having great success with revival elsewhere were sweeping through Cleveland with little to no success compared with other places. It was as if Cleveland was revival proof! While away in bible school I heard stories of Cleveland, People would say “oh, that city is known for beating up evangelist and sending them back bruised and broken!” and while in a meeting recently in Eastlake Ohio the Lord spoke to me and said, “the reason why evangelist and revivalist who have been trying to bring a sustained revival here were unsuccessful in their attempt is because the Spirit has been stirring at the heart of the City.” The Lord referred to it as a Hidden Revival. Much like it talks about in (Romans 8:22) how the earth Groans in travail for the sons and daughters of Glory to come forth! Well the Lord began to reveal to me that Cleveland has been pregnant, and new life has been stirring in the heart of the city for years and the pressures of labor for revival has kept this Glory compressed and concealed. But the Lord says that the time has come for birthing and for the hidden things of this decade to become revealed. Yet in the midst of such revelation opposition will arise. While this Great end day revival has been stirring in the heart of our city - so has the enemies plans to counteract what God is doing. And the devil has released his own movement – yes, even upon the heart of our city right at the center of Gods agenda! *AN ATTACK AGAINST GODS PLAN FOR MARRIAGE

AND THE FAMILY IN CLEVELAND OHIO Ever since Satan got his influence on mankind he has been perverting Gods design of holiness within relationships marriage and family. If the enemy can attack Gods design for marriage then he can prevent Gods plan for fruitful and Godly offspring in the following generations. If he can corrupt the family unit and pervert the truth and love within that unit then he can impose his influence on the innocent being exposed to a perverted environment. So we can see his tactic to try and prevent Gods plan at the very seed (Matthew 13:25) delaying the kingdom of God from emerging or advancing. We must stand our Ground as the true Church and acknowledge from the proper perspective every ungodly wave coming through our city. As watchman we must be alert and accurate in the Holy Ghost of what we are seeing - and with what God is showing us. URGENT CALL TO PRAYER! One of my jobs outside of ministry is working as an on call cook and banquet server within the city of Cleveland. I’m often called to work VIP banquets and I meet some interesting and famous individuals. Recently I was called to work for an anonymous VIP event at a banquet hall in public square - when I arrived I was delighted to see the banners and the screens full of the blue and yellow equal symbols for the Human Rights Campaign. But as the night continued I began to realize what this particular Human Rights Campaign was about. I learned that I was working a banquet for the L-G-B-T Gay Rights Movement. LGBT stands for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. I was appalled at what I discovered, and immediately began to plan my escape from this banquet. But before I could get even a foot to the door the Lord instructed me to hold my ground. I did just that and realized it was no accident in my being there... but that God had actually placed me there. The heads of this organization and their supporters were sitting at the VIP tables I was serving. Through the course of the night there were several speeches made, several supporters and organizations represented even a transsexual bishop from the United Church of Christ was speaking. The United Church of Christ is a so called Christian Network of churches that accepts LGBT’s and even ordains LGBT’s as pastors and ministers! I was enlightened on a very tight strategy that was laid out for a planned national takeover. Where it was predicted at this event that every state would possibly approve Gay marriage by 2016 and that there was a plan to get the right officials in place for the ballots to turn in favor of Gay marriage within the state of Ohio by June 2015! FACTS ABOUT LGBT MOVEMENT The Human Rights Campaign is associated with the National Human rights organization. This campaign was formally known as the Human Rights Campaign Fund or HRCF which started in the 1980‘s and is the largest organization upholding what they call the LGBT Movement. Plans are in place for this organization to expand overseas, campaigns have even begun in Germany already.

This Organization is headed up by their President Chad Griffin and consists of More than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide. As the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, HRC envisions an America where LGBT people are ensured of their basic equal rights, and can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community.

  • There are 19 states that have legalized same sex marriage in America, Including the District of Columbia. 12 states overturned and due for Appeal. Although upholding its bans Ohio could be included on the Cincinnati based 6th Circuit of Court Appeals in its upcoming term.

  • The LGBT Movement is trying to enforce a Nationwide Non Discrimination act that wants to block the freedom to speak out against homosexuality.

  • There is tremendous funding being dumped into campaigns to put LGBT supportive officials, representatives and congressman in Office in 10 states within the next year.

  • The Human rights campaign is pushing to Get Ohio Marriage Equality and acceptance of gay marriage on the ballot by June 2015!

HRC LGBT CORPORATE SUPPORTERS American Airlines, Apple, Citi Financial, DIAGEO, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, Northrop Grumman, Bank of America, Chevron, the Coca Cola Company, Deloitte, Las Vegas Convention, Lexus, Mitchell Gold, Prudential, W Hotels Worldwide, Cox, EY, Google, IBM, MGM Resorts, Nike, Booz Allen Hamilton, BP Gas Stations, Caesars Entertainment, Dell, Gay destination Weddings, Goldman Sachs, Hershey, JPMorgan Chase & Co. Lincoln Financial Group, Macys Inc., MetLife, Morgan Stanley, Orbitz, PepsiCo, Replacements LTD, Shell, Showtime, Starbucks, Symantec, TD Bank, Whirlpool The subject of gays & homosexuality and the church has always been a controversial one. Yet it seems today there are so many perspectives of the church, and in the midst of the so called church there is much confusion of what God is really doing, or even “if” God is really doing? we need to continually examine ourselves and be discerning of what signs confirm that God is actually involved in allot of these so called moves of the Holy Spirit. But the move that I want to address is not actually one that needs much examination - but one that is wide open and plain to see. And is only missed because of the blanket of complacency and tolerance that has been shrouded over our society and even in the church. Our own city and hometown is where it begins. The city of Cleveland is a huge target for the kingdom of darkness in this hour. And it seems the enemy has strategically put his markers on Cleveland and Akron. This summer was eventful for the LGBT Movement as the 9th Gay Games returned to Cleveland and Akron. Akron Churches have been responsive this year to this movement in an interesting way... as several churches came together and held a 24/7 worship event in Akron’s Own Rubber Bowl this past August in direct response to the gay Games that had been in town that month as well. I was blessed to find myself in the midst of this cry out to God for a special love that might reach the gay community out there. This was a different approach than the expected condemning voice coming from some of the church that these already wounded individuals are used to. Some say that this is a good approach, while others still say that it’s only tolerating this lifestyle too much and sending the wrong message. REDEEMING THE LOT GENERATION

"In Genesis 19 Lot leaves the corrupt and perverse city, and destruction comes to those remaining."

Whatever the case I believe God is using every way he can to reach these people, not every approach is for everybody - but I would venture to say that every approach is needed to touch the variety of people with a variety of special spiritual and natural needs. There is a slew of wounded hearts out there - specifically LGBT’s wounded from condemning voices in the church. And yes, we must rise up and be the church in demonstration of God’s Love, even though others might not be in agreement with that stand. Each stand individually with the right heart and the right spirit will reap eternal results. While I was trapped within this LGBT banquet I was looking around that room and in seeing the faces I heard the Lord say to me that there were many on their way out of that lifestyle - and the lord said to me that his mercy and grace was there for them and he was ready to fully embrace them. The Holy Spirit revealed to me a remnant even within this Gay community - a chosen generation... a Lot Generation coming out of the corruption of such a Sodom and Gomorrah Culture. We must rely on the Holy Spirit while touching this subject - yes it’s sensitive and needs to be approached with acceptance and love on great levels while dealing with the lost in this lifestyle, but also there must be a solid uncompromising stand on the Word of God and a no tolerance attitude toward that Lifestyle. So how do we hold the balance for this fragile mission? We must come together and perceive the grace in every approach that God has assigned to this mission- whether it be in disclosing the error of the LGBT lifestyle and upholding the truth with a firm stand on what God says about these things in his Word “and” displaying the love of Christ and acceptance for all those who are WILLING to change- Some may not be strong enough to change but with any willing spirit God can make up the difference. We must perceive His Grace in sanctifying those he’s sending in to do this great work, and we must pray! HOW DO WE PRAY?

  • God Send your Love into this corrupted culture and rescue the remnant from out of the LGBT Community.

  • God Convict the Heart of our President and of those in office concerning these matters

  • Uncover the Deception on heads of state, & Government officials,

  • Pray to uphold DOMA (Defense of Marriage Amendment) “DOMAS uphold Traditional Marriage between a man and woman”

  • Pray for a judicial decision that says that the DOMAS are not unconstitutional.

  • Pray to uphold free speech.

Article by: Michael David Watson

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