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On The Move!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I started this year out with hopes and expectations for God to move in a tremendous way! Not only in the city, but to move within MWM and in the area of the arts and the prophetic activating and inspiring Gifts one meeting, one painting, and one outreach at a time! In late December God began dealing with me about the vision and mission of MWM. And in January I began to prepare for a year of new inspiration and vision for greater understanding, accurate and pure prophetic release, and great breakthrough. In February God released me into a prophetic campaign to inspire and activate gifts within the city. While Looking at an empty calendar mid February I was discouraged... as to how would God launch this campaign and how would he reach those on his heart with an empty calendar? I began to pray and continued the usual promotions and updates, when in late February breakthrough took place! It happened at a small worship gathering in Rock River Oh, and a dam broke loose for the month of March, I could sense marks being made on the calendar in the spirit. Soon after i began receiving calls and bookings like crazy, which is only a confirmation of the move God placed on my heart earlier this year. I am excited and want to encourage you to catch any of the events this month and through out the rest of the year. I'm looking forward to getting caught away with you into this fresh and unique wave of Divine creativity and the spirit! Join me in believing God for this move to fulfill its mission and even continue into the rest of this year!

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