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Love Revival! @ A Nite Of Worship - Event

I heard the lyrics as Daniel played worship, the sound was "We want to know you Lord!" What an amazing cry & heart of true worship... I could picture thousands of people today who have a heart to truly want to know God like no other generation before us. Then in the midst of the song - the Lord began to speak to me. "Yes, to truly know me... but we still have yet to even REALLY get to know each-other." I was surprise at what I heard, and then I realized the heart of God. I realized that the purpose and pursuit to get to know God is not fulfilled in us knowing him better, yet not better knowing each-other, they go hand in hand.

What an amazing time, and refreshing worship last night as we gathered for the second time this year. The purpose of these gatherings are clear, that God has a heart for the city, and a heart for prayer, and he also has a heart to see us step into something greater than ourselves - overcoming the limitations we put ourselves into and the distractions that allow ourselves to be sidetracked by making excuses why we cant seem to answer the call.

God has called us right where we are, and in the midst of our imperfections, our process and even in the midst of a place where we might see ourselves the least bit qualified. It seems that its these places where God most wants to use us!

Love Revival

Among many of the profound things that the Lord said through worship and the prophetic word during the evening, one in particular stands out to me. God said that True Love attracts challenges.That no true love goes unchallenged and untested. But what makes love strong is the trials that proves and tempers it. We are called to be carriers of this Love Revival! Where God has chosen us to lead in love, live in love, and endure in love and everything that is included with love, like forgiveness, forbearance, patience, perseverance and faith.

God is looking at us to lead the way, to stand on the higher ground than the fighting world around us. He is looking at us to endure through uncomfortable places and to stretch ourselves - letting go of our own pride - and seeing how he is using us more in example than in our own deed. My pastor used to say, "One sacrifical lamb per household." and that means that one representative of Christ per house, sanctifying and bringing Gods grace into that home. That our authority in the spirit sanctifies that home and opens the door for Gods grace and mercy in the most desperate and impossible looking situations. We are called to hold on to our hearts in such places, and to be humble enough for God to use us.

Overall what a great outcome for the night! I look forward to what God does for the next meeting and I hope to see you there or at any future meetings. God is doing so much so far - we are praying to keep the wave going!

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