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Authors Sneak Peek - Current Book Project

One of my Newest book Projects & a work in progress- Stepped out in faith a year ago to start this Christian Fiction Novel, Powerful story about a Revivalists Rise to a position of greatly being used by God! Enjoy an Excerpt from the original manuscript. Feel free to leave comments!


The room started to disappear, and familiar things started to fade away... All that he knew and the comforts that reminded him he was home were gone. Standing there as if naked from the womb of a new birth he caught a glimpse of a figure... Not quite a man, but not quite anything else familiar either... The freighting creature had the look of fire and water and compassion all at once! No emotion could be detected only the stoic look of a mission. The soldier like being and William were instantly encircled in a translucent cocoon like bubble that whisked them over the cascading white landscape below, nothing looked familiar. From that place they lifted high into the atmosphere of wherever they were - There were no words... Just a stare from the being toward William as if to monitor him. He began reaching to grab hold of something as the cocoon shifted and jolted to and fro. It was only a reaction as the soldier like being held still, soon he realized there was perfect balance inside, as outside the bubble the changing elements surrounding them shifted at lightning speed... One giant jolt and the cocoon with William and the being in it emerged from the smoky wormhole like atmosphere only to see beneath them a city. Not just any city, but a city so vast the eye could not see! Then still rising the realm could be seen from afar... Planets galaxies and stars all aligned over this world... as they emerged and almost sat upon the crest of what seemed to be the stratosphere of this place, the being reached into his satchel and pulled out a scroll, looking upon the landscape before them the being spoke "You have been chosen from before the foundation of the world... you have run, and your season of flight is nye at end. Your post awaits you, yet I must warn you, you will die soon, and you must be buried, yet in this there will be great victory at the end!"

With that he handed William the scroll and said "take and eat for the days to come."

William felt a trust or a faith one might call it grabbing the scroll as if not to break eye contact with the creature... strangely he began to hear the sounds of Dick Turner the Weather man for channel 12 news, and was bewildered as to why his voice was echoing through the realm...

The television had been left on all night as Dick Turner gave his closing report.

"An increase in crime, and economic decline across Wetumka isn't a pretty scene for the upcoming year!" Echoed the news anchors voice through the ample volume in a small thirteen inch flat screen huddled in the corner of Williams’s dorm. The apartments were lifted off the edge of student housing just beyond the woods of campus square, there perched a not too large but cozy efficiency, one of the most requested rooms in the schools living quarters. Just beyond the noise of the television the channel 12 news flickered on the face of a brown headed olive skinned William Furst, while he wrestled in his sleep...

"Lord!" Was the first sound he made waking up in a shock of reality... all he had left to remember was the remnants of the reoccurring wave of sub-consciousness he experienced on nights like this. Normally the dreams were always the same - he had been having visions since he was a child, yet never

Seemed to develop an understanding of why, and only speculation, and a bubbling of curiosity.

William Furst was a junior at the Wetumka Bible College, in the bright city of Wetumka Alabama. WBC Was a marginal sized school... in the middle if the most urban area of Alabama. The campus; encircled by a city wrapped with local businesses, was hidden within several acres of itself. The beautiful campus was littered with gardens and large Oaks & maple trees, which the school was well known for. Something about the scenery was peaceable and secluded in spite of the surrounding urban-ism. You would have thought it an escape from the chaotic state of the city that year. In a way for William Furst it was an escape... an escape from the mundane and predictable life at home, an escape from a world that didn't understand him, and yet he hadn't begun to understand as well, an escape from the pain of the lingering crisis of his childhood, and not to mention a failed long-term relationship that he wee-bled to get over. You could say that WBC was to William a chance to start over and leave everything behind... never looking back.

It wasn't pleasant waking up not knowing where he was... This had become a normal thing of his past... It started in his childhood with a simple questions of purpose and identity that led him in his mind to an unlocked place... In one of the most frequent & dominant experiences he seemed always to find himself crossing over and landing in a not so present state but rather he found himself often in an unmarked and implicitly void space. In this place his eyes were no use in defining his surroundings his feelings were quite descriptive. One strong awareness was that of the time and the fact that it resembled a residual reflection, "maybe this was a place he had been before?" other than the multiple lucid experiences that sprinkled his youth. Another distinct feeling or lack thereof was a sense of a detachment from hunger or other natural cares. The same thing always happened in the dreamlike experience and after almost fourteen years it never changed but it did intensify from time to time. It always started with this vast vacancy of a place... where time stood still with only enough room for his mind to speculate. And always suddenly this figure, a cascading mass of power, and what felt like electricity would begin to audaciously approach him almost with the teeming intention to crush him, again his eyes failing to make out a definitive image... but then the sensations of being completely overtaken by this figure, while all the cascading electrodes encompassed him inside and out - he could feel the energy shooting like beams of light out of his every tip and opening; hands, toes and all! before he could take any more of the rush, as always he landed back into bed, or the seat on the school bus, or even still girding himself on the lawnmower, as the many times this had happened so randomly. Invariably, He realized he had only always returned from when he left to go again to this mysterious place. That was the experience... Yet it had abruptly stopped at age 18 and for years since then curiously it never returned, leaving William to speculate and question its meaning... Only now why would the visions seem to start again. Yet this time it was different, he went somewhere he received something tangible he could still feel it he could still hear the words echoing repeatedly in his mind.

(Yawning) First stretched his arms, and lazily nodded over barely squinting to peek at the cerulean blue clock... "It’s too early" He said to himself dramatically..." “To early for alien abductions and, Visits to other worlds and.... headaches" He thought before a voice came from the dorm hallway almost interrupting his personal complaint. “Bro you awake?" Furst grumbled. "Twenty-two minutes man" his roommate exclaimed, trying to induce a sense of urgency within his slothful peer. It was the routine "Marion" Fursts roommate was clearly the early riser, an English accented slender black guy, from the inner city in London. Marion had a strong personality, and charisma that made him easy to be around. If it hadn't been for Marion, Furst would have barely made it through his second half of seminary. "Bro" Marion said... "I'm on my way out right now, I'll see you later today after class!" Furst scurried to grab his bag and folders catching the door right behind Marion as not to appear so lazy Catching up to him... putting the final throws of his jacket on, "hey, wait up!" Furst beckoned. "What's up bro" Marion said genuinely. (Marion was the type of guy who had his ear opened... barely talked unless it was necessary, and gave great advice... much of what he said - was often thought provoking to Furst... due to the fact that, Marion carried a different perspective and different background, it was certain that God intended to use him.)"Making my presentation today..." said Furst. Marion raised an eyebrow and gave a look as if William already knew what he was going to say. Marion, being one of the first and few to know William Hue Furst up close and personal, was exposed to the prodigy like gifting he seemed to possess in writing, and also a gift that Will completely underestimated. “What Time is it going to be?" Marion Exclaimed genuinely again. "Sometime in The afternoon, and I'm still not sure about it. Sometimes my heart feels so full of mysteries that it comes out in my writing. "Out of the Abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” Marion stated astutely. "Don't hide from the truth about yourself man... it’s what adds power to your thesis... it gives something real, and everyone can grasp where you are William, everyone has mysteries in their minds, everyone has questions." "Even you!" bolstered Furst. "Yes even me... Even with God there's still questions, still mysteries still fears even still regrets. These are things that we give to him, that we entrust him with, if we were to try and figure things out on our own, we would be pretty frustrated brothers. You see, God gave us the questions, God put them in us to ultimately draw us closer to him... it’s the questions that drive us, and it’s the answers that if Led by him show us the way. And you've definitely Got it Will - you just need to start to look in the right places. "I think my dreams are coming back and more vivid than in years. “Said William." Have they changed any yet?" Marion asked. William staring at the sidewalk, and remembering the never ending city and the words that were spoken replied, Yes actually they have, it’s hard to describe. I feel as if God is ready to bring some answers - and maybe even a little more." Furst entreated, "Marion it’s not the answers that scare me, those I’ve been seeking, it’s the MORE that scares me. Marion replied "I know that God is up to something with you maybe he's trying to show you something important in these dreams." Maybe you should ask him what they mean." It’s been 15 and a half years and I haven't got the slightest clue" I don't know when I’ll ever figure this out... don't know why these things even happen to me to be honest man often its hard to remember why I'm even here... William said." your here for the same reason we all are... You sensed the call. Your here to invest into that Gift of yours, and I'm sure God has you here for his purposes, i mean look at us, we met for a reason, one that we still have yet to find out...

And little did Marion and William know how soon they would find out, and how soon things were about to change for Will and almost everyone they knew, and little did William Hue Furst ever know the demand that was even upon his Very own life.


Biblical Lab Second semester dissertations were due, and it was his turn that afternoon- he had already rehearsed his paper with Marion several times. Furst was diving into this paper and presentation exploring the purposes of dreams, their origin and source of inspiration. It was an easy topic to find interest in, due to all the question marks about his own experiences. He had a thing for knowledge and theory, and he definitely didn't keep himself in a box.

"Ok students, we will be having our second round of presentations today." the teacher said with gazes on the three students who were lucky enough to be next for this lucid release of rhetoric. The first student spoke about The importance of the bible and its significance within our modern day society, After the third person Furst was next. He propped open his laptop gave a ranging and vast look over the students poised to deliver, He stuttered a bit with the title... "To Dream or not to dream" then a warmth came over him and he began.

The Psyche... what is it? Is it simply the pattern of our reaction to misunderstood causes? Dreams what are they? Simply a reflection of the world around us? And let’s not forget the mind... what is the mind? Is it simply a computation of thoughts and experiences, or something more? Better yet does it only stop at the mind, or is there deeper than the thought, is there a dimension that psychoanalysis fails to touch that handicaps our solutions to most human problems? What is the foundation and source of inspiration for our thoughts? To think that there could be something greater than ourselves, and a purpose in which our thoughts are tied to would it be overstating? Is dreaming simply a reflection of the world around us, or could it possibly be a glimpse into that greater purpose for us all? Can our minds dictate truth... based off of what a world with limits is, or is freedom simply breaking free from the rules and rudiments of the mind and into the mystery of why the mind ever even came to be at all?

For a moment he almost felt outside of himself and hearing what he was saying, what and who was he talking about, the things he was saying wasn't seeming to come togeather the way he planned... suddenly and frighteningly he began to draw a blank - when a voice...


Was all the voice said? And then a burst of inspiration as the final grabbing words to his dissertation came forth...

If literacy provided us with any more of a deeper place, it would be the soul, after all out of the soul flows Shake-Spear, Hemmingway, Socrates and many others.

Then from where flows the deepest of truths and answers we have yet to find - From where flows the truth of our origin and our source, from where flows even the purpose of our existence?

Then what does it mean to dream?

To really dream is to awaken not to sleep, but awaken to a vision of the deepest parts of ourselves - to awaken to a desire that stirs beyond what we understand to a greater purpose we have yet to discover - answering the greatest mysteries of life itself, answering the greatest mysteries of the world.

To dream is to transcend into another dimension, yet another level if only to bridge the gap from the vision to our reality something amazing might happen, something extraordinary - where our purpose meets Gods purpose in us and his vision becomes our reality, when what weve been seeking and what answers weve been burning to realize reveal Gods vision - a vision of revival in the heart of man, a revival in our lives so strong that it overtakes everything around us - a revival that transcends our comprehension, our ideas and tempers our faith, challenges our theology and tests our patience. To dream, to awaken, and to transcend is our Journey from out of the mind and breaking into our soul, facing our innermost fears and reaching our innermost desires and touching the Very beating & pumping heart of God!

At that William came out of his trance like posture, only to notice - the class appearing to have grown pretty silent yet appearing surprised and intrigued at his words. It was almost as if Furst couldn't even remember half of his dissertation, speech, or message if that's even what you would call it.

He slowly backed away from the podium, as slow claps began to pepper the classroom and the teacher appearing intrigued as well and still contemplating what he said began to introduce the next student.

William noticed Marion out of the corner of his eye, peaking in from the door momentarily and then disappearing, assumedly back to class- as he had snuck out to support his roommate. A smile grew across his face as he was Glad Marion showed up, now maybe he could get a second opinion.


Brother! Marion exclaimed while taking a bite into his Mr. Big’s Bacon burger, what the heck happened to you, one minute you were talking into one direction and the next - it was like your dissertation was hijacked! The main theme of your thesis was posing a question, yet in our rehearsals you never explored any any answers to your examination of the subject. I never heard you talk like that before bro!" Furst wide eyed and poised to answer said "Neither have I, I haven't the slightest clue where all of that came from, however I feel like part of it was inspired by the dream that I had this morning. It was as if I was given something, it was if I was given a message... "Bro! You were definitely given a message" Marion continued to retort.

William continued, I feel as if God is saying something, and not just to me - but to us all, I feel like he is telling us that we must transcend. I mean Marion I came here to be used by him to preach the Gospel, but something stronger is inspiring me - I feel an urgency that we must transcend to where he is and what he wants from us and... Furst was interrupted as Sarah and Greg approached their table, almost with the same attitude as Marion.

Sarah and Greg were both a part of their group, they were all international students in the same dorm building on campus. And it was if God had paired them all, they stuck close together. William and a few others were only roommates, Marion, Sarah and Greg were all from overseas. Sarah was from Spain, her father was a well-known pastor in Campo Dio, and Greg's family were missionaries. It seemed as though everyone who came to the school were called in some way by God. And even if like Greg or Sarah having been sent by the recommendations of their parents, still seemed to have been placed their for greater reasons than they all could understand. Their time there was a time of discovery, discovering purpose and diving into life with full surrender for what God may have wanted them to do, after all that's what seminary was, an answer to God, a step of faith and a challenge to see what such a response would bring.

What an amazing message you gave in class today William!" said Sarah, "Yes!" agreed Greg emphatically. “Marion almost falling out of his seat eyeballing William with an “I told you so” look on his face." William was hesitant to talk about anything in detail, Marion was the only one who knew about his dreams and visions, and William was not the talkative type.

He simply nodded his head, as humbly as he had always appeared to the group. Something was changing deep inside of him, and he barely knew how to respond to it, much less everyone else as well. As long as William had been praying for answers, it appeared as if God seemed to finally be shedding some light on things - strangely enough even with some more light on the subject - it seemed to william that as answers came the questions he had even more...

Thank you for reading this draft, the more feedback the more it helps with the story & creative process. So, Please feel free to share and leave comments and questions, more drafts to come for this work in progress...

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