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Launching The "Gifts & Callings Network" & Elevate Gallery Fund!

“Every Facet of our culture needs to be touched with the heart of God”


This arm of Michael Watson Ministries has been called into the areas of the Arts, Writing, Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Small businesses & Ministries. Our mission is to help Fund & Support the creative move of the Holy Spirit in every one of these areas! I believe that these areas are a vital part of the kingdom of God and provides services and inspiration to the body of Christ.

1st Corinthians 12:12

“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.”

TESTIMONY Several months ago God moved on my heart with the vision of the Gifts & Callings Network to help fund specific needs in the areas listed above. I have come across businesses, organizations, ministries and individuals graced with the Anointing to carry the creative move of the spirit for our generation, yet lacking in funds & resources. And even for some not having any funds or resources at all to see the vision God has given them come alive. I myself as a young Preacher, Author and Artist burdened with the call of God struggled with the mission and Vision God gave me due to the lack of support & funding to carry out the fullness of the work. & even yet as I am still seeking partnership and support I have now launched this effort to see the hastening of laborers into the field of the Creative Arts, Writing, Small Businesses and Ministry to influence a generation!

ELEVATE GALLERY FUND Recently God has brought the needs of a local Christian Art Gallery vital to the community in Slavic Village Cleveland Ohio. Elevate Gallery has been a source of life water to the community in which they reside, providing a great supply of the Spirit for that area. Many are touched and effected by the heart of God at Elevate, as this Christian art gallery stands their post for revival and change within the heart of the inner city. In my Conversation with Jacci Hammer (Local Artist and Director of Elevate Gallery) she expressed the condition of the Gallery space and the need for new walls, floors and some repairs for the outside of the building. We would like to begin believing God for $1,000 for some of the needs of the building. Please join this effort to help build and maintain this part of Gods Kingdom within the city of Cleveland. Years ago – God gave me a vision of the city and several posts set up preparing for his spirit to pour out into Cleveland like never before. Many have said that Elevate Gallery plays a vital part of this revival, and as we all stand to uphold our place – let us look to the needs of some of our brothers and sisters, for as the Body we all have the same mission one and all!

Please Join the Gifts and Callings Network for our first Funding Mission – Elevate Gallery Fund

All it takes to become a part of this network is any donation or support you can offer.

Any services or donation is greatly appreciated.

Here is the Giving link to donate into the Elevate Gallery Fund

Or you can donate through Paypal to Michael Watson Ministries @ Noted Project Elevate Gallery

Donate By Mail: Attention to

Michael Watson Ministries

P.O. Box 18702

Cleveland Heights Oh, 44118

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