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Gifts & Callings School 2018!

Its Finally Here! Official Class & Course Schedule for "MWM Gifts & Callings School"

Register Now and Get all 3 courses for only $50 Or Resgister for an individual course at your convenience

These Courses specialize in teaching on the subjects of *Giftings *Faith *The Prophetic *and Prayer and includes several other topics within these core subjects.  This curriculumn will fit anyones schedule with 3 powerful Jam packed Saturday Seminars with three classes in a 5 hour immersion in the word session! Reftreshments and Snack Included. We have set up 3 courses with 10 classes all together including the first course a free session for introduction registration and a foundational teaching. You will want to bring your bible and notebook for these courses, as much information and teaching will be provided.  We have designed each of these courses to fit within a single Saturday afternoon for your convenience.  As a Pastor & Teacher I am excited to provide these sessions as manny have requested focused teaching on the prophetic ministry, faith, spiritual warfare and prayer. I hope to see you at our seminars soon!

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