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Gifts & Callings Seminar - This Weekend!

Updated: Jul 14, 2019


$15 Course

Activate: Gifts & Callings Seminar Now Only $15 Sat. June 30th (12pm - 5pm) Cleveland Heights Library Brody Nelson Room Three Gifted Teachers - One Full Afternoon! Get Tickets asap to reserve Michael Watson Ministries Presents The "Gift'd Schools" Debut course on the Gifts and callings of God as we immerse ourselves in teaching, discovering & activating our Gifts! God has a specific call, place & purpose for your unique gift and there are many levels to learning how to serve God & see success with what he has Given you, students expect for activation and prophetic release into new levels of understanding how to operate in your gifts and the Gifts of God as Prophetic Artist & Pastor Michael Watson hosts and teaches this course with his team including specialists in the areas of the Arts, Counseling, And Writing! Join us as we immerse ourselves in the Word, worship and teaching in a classroom setting of prophetic release! Included with Registration: Workshops Supplies

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