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*NEW* Prophetic Art Available | Framed Print

Now Available!

8 x 10 & 11 x 14 Feature Print Available in Black or Custom Wooden Frame These Lions Were originally painted live during a prayer conference in Wickliffe Ohio. After Painting the Prophetic Lion & Posting on Facebook, I was contacted by ministry partner stating that they saw the blue lions in a dream the previous night before they were painted, they asked me what they represented. God Had already revealed to me that the lions of Judah represented the guardianship of Christ. They asked me if they could purchase the painting, but unfortunately it was sold already, I stated that the lions were still fresh in my spirit, & I was commissioned to paint them for the family that day. As I began to paint, the lord unpacked the message of these lions to me further more. He said that they represented a guardian generation (The generation following ours) That will arise in a great day of hard times in our world, but this guardian generation would carry the warfare, passion & fire of Christ to guard his will and calling to carry on the anointing in their day. The Prophetic writing depicted throughout this painting tells that prophetic word and releases blessings as well.

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