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The Creative Vision Seminar! Sat. April 13th

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Creative Vision Seminar - April 2019!

With P. Michael Watson

Saturday April 13th

12pm - 4:30pm Welcome to the Gift'd Schools Creative Vision Seminar! - Our opening seminar for the 2019 ministry year. Where we are cultivating Creative Gifts and Prophetic Vision. We are looking to connect with your Gift, Dream, or Vision this month - Whether you have a gift and are seeking to launch into purpose, or you want to connect with a vision, or you are wanting to discover your gifts, find purpose, or focus your God given vision - this Seminar is for you! We set out to connect with the treasures hidden in our city as we are building community around our gifts and seeking to cultivate a spirit filled gift activated creative culture in the world around us! DREAMS & VISION, CREATIVITY & VISION, VISION & LEADERSHIP This Months Seminar focuses are on the building blocks of your dream and visions touched on by Pastor Michael Watson. Vision and Leadership will be Taught by special Guest Pastor Anthony Mattox Jr. from the Empowerment Church PTL!. And Teaching within the subject of Creative Vison will be by our very own Pastor Tracie White! What is the Gift'd School? With Prophetic Artist and Pastor Michael David Watson the Gift'd School seeks to provide classes to Inspire Gift's, Activate Purpose, and Teach on Prophetic Vision for equiping and growth into your calling. As a pastor and an artist I have struggled in finding purpose in my gifts, questioned how God wanted to use me and wondered where I fit with the unique and undefined gifts that I had. It took years for me to begin to find balance in what God had given to me, I did not have much guidance and help and learned many things the hard way. After finding answers to my many questions only by the grace of God and many years of struggle - God has given us the oportunity through the Gift'd School to teach and help others in similar areas. Prophetic Creativity and The Prophetic Arts such as Writing, Dance, Worship, and Painting are just afew Gift's that we seek to inspire, uncover and connect with. Core Subjects include Prophetic Ministry, Faith, Prayer and Spiritual Warfare which are Currently expressed through our three Seminar Topics - Creative Vision, Gift'd & Called, & The Creative Faith Seminar.​ Each Seminar has 3 classes over a five hour afternoon of immersion in the subject and Word. Breaks are taken between classes for connection and reflection. Classes are taught by Pastor Michael Watson and a roster of teachers and specialists on the prospective subject. To register for future Classes Please Contact Michael Watson Ministries @ or call 216.415.0877

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