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Join The Gifted School Today!

Our Program has taken off - with more than 20 students & growing we have added new classes this week on top of 100's of hours of video teaching, Live Classrooms, Zoom Classrooms, Messenger Classrooms! Student have been testifying of tremendous breakthroughs in their gifts! God spoke to me about this school in 2017 and its happening. All Glory be to Jesus!


Several years ago God moved on our ministry to mentor and train seers, dreamers, creative gifts, and prophets to be sharper, more effective and more informed in the area of their Gifts & Callings. The Gift'd School is a course that is dedicated to elevate, connect, & impart prophetic gifts anywhere they are.

Daily, weekly and Monthly training includes live videos, prophetic mentorship & counseling. Enrollment in Exclusive Program Archives, Videos, Classes, Live Classes, Live Video Chats, and access to Exclusive Messenger Chat, Books, Prophets Personal Notes and more as new things are added to the subscription regularly.


The Prophet & The Prophetic, Mentorship & Fathering

Praying in the Spirit, Tongues, Fasting, Meditation, Dimensions of Grace, The Anointing, The Seer, Dream & Visions, Interpretation, The Spirit Realm, The Angelic Realm

The Spirit of Revelation, Impartation, *NEW CLASS* Forensic Prophecy


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