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Prophetic Watch on Calamity

Yesterday in service during the prophetic release, my spirit began to move over train tracks in pennsylvania and came upon a catastrophe - a train wreck... During service we taught on cycles and recognizing the season - knowing how to read the signs and to watch & pray - the prophetic has wisdom of seasons & times. There is significance in the details.

Finding out this Morning - I Didn't know that Yesterday was the exact anniversary for the great train wreck of 1856 - and 66 is the number of the prophetic. Keep an eye on some of these subjects this week and be prayerful 🙏

166th anniversary of The Great Train Wreck of 1856 near Fort Washington

We bind all calamity & assignments of destruction on this season in Jesus Name - I delcare that you and your house will be untouched and unscathed In Jesus Name!

Intercessors be prayerful and on watch.

Prophet Michael Watson


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