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The American Exodus & The Joseph Anointing

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

As I stared in the face of a contradictory political scene in our Nation this year, I could hear the echoes of the voices of the prophets, I can see the patterns of dreams and visions that paint the picture of hope, revival, and victory all over the world. Is it all at a loss? This was the question I asked myself and God at every junction of the past few months. Yet still, a flame remains burning, and a conviction in my heart that I can't seem to let go of. In seeking answers I am reminded that although people can be wrong... God, Himself is never wrong! He reveals to whomever he chooses to reveal his secrets, he calls on whomever he chooses to call on to stand, to speak, to intercede, and watch over his Word. It's God who chooses, and God who reveals. (Romans 9:20)

There are some Words that God calls individuals to carry that he doesn't call others to hold. A vision, a dream, and a true prophetic word is really a gift! It's a doorway, an opening, an opportunity for revelation, promotion, blessing, and preservation wrapped up all in one. If God has truly shown anyone something, it would be worth it to hold on to such a pearl with your very life. Who can tell when and how God will reveal his truth in time to come. The prophetic is not interpreted in the time of testing, it's not understood in the season of waiting, it's not proven within the timelines and intrigues of men. But its revelation is brought to the light at the dawn of the day. (Proverbs 4:18) And if the night tarries, then surely the dawn has not happened upon us yet. And surely, it is still a night hour in our nation as the darkness of lies, corruption, and control still cloud the skies pushing back on the fighting light of this New Era that we have now stepped into. Yes, I believe we are very much in a New Era! And, there is still much to be revealed.


When we look at where we are as a nation today, It's important that we pay attention to the players that are involved. They are the same players that always wage war with Godly nations. It's nothing new. Simply put, history repeats itself through different movements and different faces, in different generations. Every Godly nation always battles a worldly spirit. Make no mistake, our nation is being tried and tested as a Godly nation in this hour. The opposing forces in America seek to lift us up as an idolatrous people and put away the very foundation in which we were built, as "In God we trust." It's a strong worldly spirit that rises up in this hour to continue to build on an antichrist agenda right before our eyes. When we look in biblical history we can see the pattern of the rise and fall of this worldly spirit. We can also see how God dealt with this spirit in the book of Exodus as Moses was chosen as a deliverer not only to set God's people free In the nation but also to expose every idolatrous work of spiritual corruption in the land. (Exodus 9) Let us not forget that even in that day, the opposing forces did not bow down readily at the first attempt to break free. It's also important to note that neither did God want them to. We see Moses the Deliverer repeatedly approaching Pharoah with the request to set God's people free. (Exodus 5:1) It sounds very familiar to the most recent attempts to expose the corruption and control of America, as a corrupt government seeks to grip hold of its people in the guise of democracy when political and religious slavery are at the heart. Communism and socialism amidst a globalist agenda are the true motives behind the faces. The scripture shows us that God repeatedly allowed the opposition, even to the point of hardening Pharaoh's heart to make a show of ALL the principalities and powers in Egypt. It was not just about freedom, it was also about Judgment. Judgment fell on the powers of that generation, the same as judgment must fall on the powers of this generation as well.

We can see Egypt in the scriptures as a direct representation of the worldly spirit. Babylon the Great as noted in the book of revelation is depicted as a whore with an agenda to deceive the nations. (Revelation 17) Because we are facing the same spirit, we are experiencing the same type of opposition. Yet the deliverance anointing of Moses is not the only player on our team... there is another player that God has pointed out to me, that plays a vital part in the scene we are living in today.


Many of us know the story of Joseph. A dreamer redeemer, with visions of ruling the nations and great leadership. He shared his visions with those who did not have the foresight or nearly the revelation of what was to come for his life, let alone the Nation. Joseph himself did not know God's plan, however, he carried the vision. God reminded me in His Word that "Joseph's" carry the dreams and visions of God with persecution and pressing, much the same as Joseph himself. The persecution and pressing were for positioning. He was condemned and thrown out because of his spirit and the dreams he held. The rejection was in no way a determination of the truth he carried. In fact, it was a confirmation even the more. Often, a true Word from God can be judged false in its water season, but in the wine season of that Word, the richness of it can be tasted by all... For some leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of those who ignored or opposed it. The same way that the entire nation tasted the richness of the wisdom of God in Joseph being preserved in seven years of famine. Ironically It was the same wisdom that in an earlier season was called foolishness that got Joseph thrown into a pit and sold. The same type of vision and wisdom was seen in Noah. The Word was once called foolishness in Noah's day as no one heeded it, or lifted a finger to the warning. But when the rains fell, the same foolishness turned quickly into priceless wisdom. This is why it is important to Give God's word time. He does not operate on our timeline at all, he operates on his own calendar. Faith can hold on to God's Word and promise in spite of opposition and contradictory circumstances.


There are two things that God showed me Joseph's carry - Vision and Preservation. For all of the believers carrying visions of the hope of a nation being set free from the bondage of corruption, God has given a gift and a call to see his Word come to pass. The true watchman' are those watching over His Word, not the movements of politics and world culture. After all, it's His Word that will move the politics, not politics that moves the Word.

God has sent those with such vision to the future in the spirit of faith, with hope, and prophetic fire to call forth those things that be not as they were. These are the Joseph's who God has sent forth before the world in the midst of a famine of truth for America to preserve and call forth the rain of abundant harvest and revival.

In all of this Joseph was not just given a vision, he was given PRESERVATION. Where in the end he declared to his persecutors, it was not you who sent me here, but it was God who sent me before you to preserve your very lives. (Genesis 45:7)

Not everyone has the conviction or calling to carry a word opposing the direction that our nation has gone in 2021. A teacher of mine once said that true faith can sometimes be like rowing upstream in a canoe against the current of the entire river. For those who know that God has given them a word, vision, and dream directly - such are the Joseph's in this hour - a remnant seeing what God is doing, how his hand is moving and speaking to this land in this famine of truth. They are carrying the vision and the preservation for a nation who so desperately needs Christ. Stay strong and steady, the very preservation you carry now, the world will be in desperate need of in days to come!

Michael David Watson is the founder & pastor of The BreakOut Center Cleveland, MDW Ministries Inc., The Gift'd School & Owner of Gift'd Expressions Prophetic Art Org. Called to release Gifts and preach the Gospel through the Prophetic Word & Creativity. Husband & Father of three, author of several books, and Prophet Artist based in Cleveland Ohio Michael travels locally & abroad to meet the Call of God.

Contact & Booking: 216.415.0877

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