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THE BIRTH, THE CRY & THE VISION! Prophecy Fulfillment this Week

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(Exclusively from Prophets Journal)


God uses tokens, sign posts, symbols, enigmas, similes, metaphors and many other ways to communicate his Word to us. (Amos 3:7) For those of us that are inclined to his Spirit and have an ear to his direction will always catch the things to come in seasons of preparation and prayer.


As God has given our ministry the peculiar gift of seeing the earthly news reports before they occur and often before they are released. Consider that Heaven is a verry dynamic place, there are assignments, instructions, directions, mandates, orders, missions and a lot of movement around Gods will. Every new season brings new announcements, new decrees and new occurrences around Gods throne in response to the things happening in the earth... There is an organic program of manifestation in the system of this realm that reflects future realities in the here and now - Prophets carry the software to decode signals from the future for alignment for Gods will today.


You may be a seer, intercessor, or a prophet yourself, and can attest that visons and dreams have come to you in such a way. I have been receiving signals from heaven since I was five years old, yet only began to be able to INTERPRET the signals of the Lord since 2020 when God prepared to launch our prophetic ministry and the office of the prophet upon me. One thing to consider when catching the frequencies of earthly events in reflection of heavenly decrees is that the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy! (Revelation 19:10) This simply means that - Every prophetic vision, dream and utterance in the Spirit of the Lord always points to Jesus and leads back to the revelation of salvation - no matter how it manifests in our current time! As a Prophet, I am praying for your gift, purpose and destiny. I decree and declare, may dreams and visions be multiplied to you this hour! (Matt 10:41)


During my Prayer time on June 17 2024. I interceded and meditated on the nations, Gods plans, and our part in this season... As I drifted in my prayer - I entered into visions of God... I began to see the fervent wail of a new born baby, gasping between breaths to try and make a cry... whilst still seeing this vision, I saw an umbilical cord that was strewn from the child... as the angel of the Lord was there - informed me this Child will live... I took it as a sign to pray, intercede and watch - later the same day June 17th 2024 only hours after the vision, news reports began to break concerning a new born infant child in Katy, Texas...

June 17th 2024 Major News Reporting

Couple finds an abandoned baby with the umbilical cord still attached on the side of a trail in Katy, Texas. “I noticed two little feet moving and then my husband was right behind me with the dogs and I yelled to my husband and I'm like, ‘Oh my God, a baby, a baby’” Daniela Fedele said.


Tokens, and signs are given to prophets to confirm, and declare seasons and times. This is why Jesus said in the scripture to the religious leaders of the day "You can discern the face of the sky, how can you not discern the signs of the times" (Paraphrase Matt 16:3) . When God speaks through signs, rest assured his voice will be confirmed and tokens of his Word will be found along the way.


As Prayers go to the family of the baby in Katy Texas, this remains to be a good sign in the wake of this momentary tragedy. The Katy Texas Baby speaks to America... that in-fact, what has been abandoned and seemed to be forgotten will be found and shall live! If we continue to pray for our nation... what seemed to have been abandoned by the church, our leaders, and our government - will see a time of rescue and life! In Jesus Name!

As Daniela Fedele first noticed the fee of the Caty Texas baby... we pray that new light would be shed on our path this hour. That God will restore the wasted places and prepare every place before us where feet can tread.

(Touch the Photo of The Katy Texas Baby and Agree with me in Prayer.)

As you touch the Photo of the feet of the Katy Yexas Baby, Yes, pray for the Child - the family and the well being of every abandoned baby, every aborted and discarded life. We declare mercy for the innocent blood shed by the hands of this nation and every life lost... We also pray for our nations and the season of restoration that is upon us.

This month and going into the month of July, shall be a time of recovery for your house, as this restoration begins... a recovery of what was stolen, what seemed to have been destroyed, what seemed to have been lost shall find a surprising and supernatural return to you... what seemed imposible will find new breath, and even the inspiration, passion and fire that seemed to dwindle shall find a return to your spirit. Seasons that seemed to have escaped from you will find an eminent return... and second chances will be birthed before you... with renewed opportunities. Every abandoned place in your life will find a well of new joy springing forth with the hope of a powerful future in the Lord once again. And your feet shall be shod with the preparation of a peace this hour even in the onset of the battles ahead. From now till the end of the year pray, but also rest - for a press amoung the nations is before us, a great end day awakening is on the horizon as we move swiftly toward the manifestation of Gods greatest Glory in our lives!


Seasons of prophecy fulfillment are seasons of LIGHT! If you are believing God for your season to be unlocked, for instructions, direction, or answers... When we learn to turn into moments of revelation, take advantage of seasons of light and pay attention to the tokens and signs of God, we harness the prophetic grace to unlock the seasons of our own life. As you sow a seed into this week of revelation - I'm praying for vision and revelation to open to you. As your prophet, one that God has designated for you this time - I'm prayerfully dedicated and declaring that your eyes and ears are open in Jesus name!

if this word touched you deeply today, if you feel the fire and conviction of what God is saying through this message, or if the events that are highlighted in this article have extreme prophetic significance to you - then God is speaking directly to you this hour! Don't waste a moment and put a seed of faith into this ground. If this word has located you, there is a miracle, a breakthrough, a healing and a mighty deliverance that is manifesting as you touch and agree.

Your Gift and Support of this Ministry helps us reach the nations and continue to expand the gospel wherever God leads.

Praying for you!

Prophet Michael David Watson

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