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By: Michael David Watson

Uncovering a Hidden Generation


We live in a world where gifts and talents are sought out and celebrated in every arena, from American Idol to Americas got Talent, and talent searches In every nation. Our generation is definitely not short on talent! Today the market is fresh for new ideas, new inventions, and creative prospects like it has never been before. Artists, musicians, crafters, and entrepreneurs lead the way for our modern culture to shape our society in this new era. But, what really is a Gift? In the Christian world, God is calling creative gifts to rise up in every arena to combat the negative influences of our world culture that is leading a generation to hell. Gifts ultimately lead our societies, and introduce every new era! God desires for gifts devoted to his agenda to lead the way in these last days! What gifts has God placed in you, and what part do your gifts play in all of this? These are questions I needed answered and lessons I had to learn as an emerging author, pastor, and artist in the most creative generation of all time! It is an extremely important call! In this book, I tell my testimony and share in a revelation of the gifts and callings of God for today! If you have a gift or sensed God's call in even the slightest inclination this is a must-read for you!

The Gifted Spirit | E-book

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