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By: Michael David Watson

A True Testimony & Teaching of Overcoming


Have you ever have you ever met somebody who always ended up on top no matter how bad the circumstances were. Have you ever seen somebody go through the worst experience but somehow made it through to the other side. True Victory is not defined by avoiding defeat but overcoming and enduring it. True Victory isn't fleeting but lifelong. A truly victorious person isn't someone who just wins a battle but someone who conquers the war. Well, Jesus has already won the War and he holds the keys to victory. With the keys to victory we are promised Victory every time, however Victory is a faith process. I once heard it said that you can either give a man a fish and satisfy him for a meal or you can teach him to fish and satisfy him for a lifetime. When I was fifteen years old when God taught me victory. When God taught me the principles and the process of victory I knew that I had obtained something invaluable... ever since then there has been no battle in my life lost, or no defeat that ever has been able to hold me.Join me as I revisit the vision of victory and dive into a prophetic, faith filled experience where God literally visited me on the track in a high school race and called me into ministry mid stride. I first wrote this Testimony in my Journal at fifteen years old. Self published the story in college and sold copies at conferences. Now I bring the third edition of this true Testimony to you! Follow me through the process of this promise, I believe the keys and lessons in this book will inspire and empower you to overcome some of your most challenging trials.

The Spirit of Victory | E-book

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