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The Gifted School

Prophetic School of the Gifts Online

Artist & Author, Prophet Michael David Watson 

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What is the Gift'd School?

Several Years ago God moved on Michael to mentor and train seers, dreamers, creative gifts, and prophets to be sharper, more effective and more informed in the area of their Gifts & Callings. The Gift'd School is a course that is dedicated to elevate, connect, & impart prophetic gifts anywhere they are.

"Thank you Heavenly Father for leading me here! Thank you Michael for helping me understand my gifts. 🙏❤🎨"

Shanna, 1.o Student

Devote Woman
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Online Training

Our Messenger Classroom & New Course App is designed to meet students exactly where there are any time daily & provides direct access to prophet Michael, Students and the Ministry Team in real time.

Daily, weekly and Monthly training includes live videos, prophetic mentorship & counseling with prophet Michael, Enrollment in Exclusive Program Archives, Videos, Classes, Live Classes, Live Video Chats, and access to Exclusive Messenger Chat, Books, Prophets Personal Notes and more as new things are added to the subscription regularly.

All of Our Classes are Spirit Led & Include subjects like:

The Prophet & The Prophetic, Mentorship & Fathering
Praying in the Spirit, Tongues, Fasting, Meditation, Dimensions of Grace, The Anointing, The Seer, Dream & Visions, Interpretation, The Spirit Realm, The Angelic Realm
The Spirit of Revelation, Impartation, *NEW CLASS* Forensic Prophecy

"Thank you so much for letting the Lord use you in today's teaching! The Wisdom that God downloads on you it just keeps getting Richer and Richer! This video literally made me weep! God is so Good!" Leaha, 3.0 Student

"This is such a safe place to learn this. I appreciate how it’s broken down and so easy to understand. Alicia, 3..0 Student



  • Unlimited Access to all Prophetic Training Archives & New Prophetic Courses

  • Free Digital Media Including E-books, Training Materials, and Notes

  • Unlimited 1 on 1 Prophetic Mentorship with Prophet Michael

  • Access to exclusive Ministry Resources & Updates

  • Mentorship & Training Chat for Students, Sons & Daughters

  • Exclusive Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Teaching


All online training integrates with our weekly School of the Spirit Broadcast on Facebook & YouTube.

"Omg you guys !!!  I’m so happy !!! So I stepped out in boldness today and prayed for somebody at work. I saw a vision as I prayed for her. I’m so happy because I normally don’t see that clear in public lol lol. "

Alicia, 3.0 Student

Holding Hands

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