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Going Beyond the Canvas!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

With only a bench holding the weight of our curiosity, we glared at a painting that took the center of the room at the museum of art in Cleveland . My art teacher adimately instructed us to focus on the Black and Gray canvas for Just a little bit longer... it was then that something happened to me that changed the way I would look at art for the rest of my Life!

It was then that the very simple black and gray colors began to blend before my eyes, I noticed the students around me grew silent, as the dark colors of the piece seemed to surround me. As my countenance fell I felt a weight on my shoulders and the presence of a darkness that went much deeper than the black and grey oil colors on that Canvas.

I was a Freshman in art school when I experienced that painting in one of my studio art classes. The Artist Name was Mark Rothco and the painting was - Untitled in His last series Called The Black Series as my art Teacher went on to tell the story behind the piece and how the artist killed himself in the same sitting. I then began to realize that what I was feeling had a reality to it. I was amazed that such depth could come from Such simple colors on a painted canvas.

It caused me to ask the question, that if negativity and darkness could be felt on a piece of artwork - could Light and positivity and the Spirit of God be imparted to canvas as well? Opposed to the negative spirit that oozed out of Mark Ruthcos Farewell painting could God be felt on a blessed piece of art, could healing be received from a painting with that intent?

The answer to that Question is '"Yes".

I discovered that not only could light be imparted to canvas but purpose pursuit and intent as well. I took those

thoughts and inspiration and started to paint... I started to put words and feelings and stories in the art. And all the while I had no idea how much deeper God planned to take the work... it was much deeper indeed!

Gift'd eXpressions was birthed out of the Idea of Using my Gift to express more than just images in my work, but to express, inspiration, light, healing, the word of God, the prophetic and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I will continue to hope that that much more is received in the art in such a way.

I will be posting more of this story in later blogs and would invite you to Join me on this Journey behind the scenes and behind the canvas.

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