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God's Answer to Injustice | Prophetic Prayer Release

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

(Dictated From East Cleveland Injustice Rally Sunday June 6th)

I have been pretty silent in the midst of current events for the past several weeks... it seems as though God has been cultivating something in my heart, I was honored by Pastor Anthony and the Empowerment Church for the opportunity to release what God has put in my mouth in this prayer.

Darkness seeks to creep in through every avenue that it can, when it cannot get to us through covid-19, it seeks to reach us through the rips in tears of our society... and when we are not on our post - God has no other choice but to allow it to come through.

When asking God what the current events were really about, he said to me very clearly that this was about the church getting into position. When covid-19 came it brought us together on zoom and Facebook and online prayers across the world... But still, a greater press is needed, now the death of George Floyd brings us out of our homes in front of the church and on this street today where we should be... What else needs to happen for God to get us in position. All of the pressures of 2020 is in preparation and getting us ready for something great.

2 Chronicles 7:14

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


Lord, it appears you are not just interested in healing our bodies only, but you are interested in healing our Land. As covid-19 has exposed our nation and our church - you have allowed us to see the truth of where we are as a community... you have Exposed the truth of our hearts for change. Lord, cleanse our hearts and cleanse us from an evil conscience. Help us not to respond to evil with evil. Help us to see things for what they really are! Hatred has no color or race... The root of hatred is fear - Lord, deliver our nation from fear today


Lord, you have brought us the latter rain in this hour - this is a time of revival... Continue to send the latter rain, and teach us to manage the bursting of this new move of God even in its ugly current stages. Make no mistake, we are truly in the midst of the birthing of a move of God that this world has never seen! Lord teach us to manage this great revival and teach us to see beyond just the circumstances but your hand behind the circumstances as well.


Lord, you do not see color, however, you do see Justice. Teach us to see Justice the way that you see Justice. Teach us to Love the way that you love - even as you are Love. Help us to respond in humility and love and not pride and hate. Help us to respond as the church and not the world.

Lord, you are not surprised or baffled at these circumstances - help us to see your plans purposes, and pursuits as you seek to turn all things for the good of those called according to their purpose. Even as we have been called to be here today to represent you, help us to represent you well as a nation and as a community. help us to put aside our plans purposes and pursuits and grasp hold of yours - even if it means changing our perspective, changing our theology, changing our minds... letting go of religion, letting go of entitlement, and letting go of the need for revenge. You have spoken to me that racism will always exist in our world! - Just as persecution exists to the church... It is The Thorn in the flesh of our culture... And even as your grace is sufficient for the church, let it be sufficient for the world as well, let it be sufficient for our communities, let it be sufficient for our government, let it be sufficient for our nation, and let it be sufficient for Cleveland. As a black community help us to put aside our bitterness from the past... As current events have not only exposed hatred but have also exposed our weaknesses, our bitter roots as a people. It is no doubt that we have much work to do... Help us to make sure and be reminded that it is not only our work that we are doing but it is yours. Lord guide our community, guide our nation... God seeks to make us leaders in our communities... And as Leaders, we must not only ask and demand from others what they can do, but we must ask ourselves what we as a community can do on our end... As godly leaders change does not happen by force or by demand, but by example in walking in truth and in love among each other. For change to happen we must be the first to change. Let's be real, Our world culture leads the way in hatred and violence like never before in this generation. How can we demand peace when we do not even have peace among ourselves. This is definitely a job for the church. It is time for our churches to take a stand... Especially in the inner City - It is time for change! One of my pastors and spiritual mother once said that God makes room on the altar for the victim and perpetrator - this is a hard thing indeed! Lord teach us this way as a people. And as we seek to do our part here in Cleveland - Guide us as well - beginning on this day and this moment in Jesus name, Amen!

Please Subscribe comment, like & share. Michael David Watson is the founder & pastor of The BreakOut Center Cleveland, MDW Ministries Inc., The Gift'd School & Owner of Gift'd Expressions Prophetic Art Org. Called to release Gifts and preach the Gospel through the Prophetic Word & Creativity. Husband & Father of three, author of several books, and Prophet Artist based in Cleveland Ohio Michael travels locally & abroad to meet the Call of God.

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