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Grace Angels Released: Cleveland

Two things we have seen this week, the enemy seeking to distract and puppeteer the ministries of the city from stepping into God's will for Revival, we must pray to push against the distractions of the enemy and to shed light on counterfeit moves of the spirit, furthermore - God is continuing to confirm to me preparation for a release and a changing of the guard. I have seen in the spirit Grace angels prepare to release a Grace for God's will to be fulfilled. This week I have witnessed a Grace that is being released into the leaders of this city, for a shift and transition of the harvest. God is preparing teachers, pastors, Prophets, and business leaders who are after his heart... To begin to steward the harvest in this next season! (Phil 1:15) (Gal 4:1) (Jeremiah 3:15) (1 Kings 18 & 19)

Word & Vision Received on 1/25/19I see the city, I see the Church, I see God's hand of approval and permission - I see acceptance and a welcoming home from a long season of tarrying for implantation! —I see the doors of favor opening and an entryway into the multitude of Our City— I see a shift and then revival approaches... I hear the holy spirit say, "as I have trusted stewards of the harvest - I now pass on the responsibility and a changing of the guard, as I have prepared an imperfect people for a new generation of leaders emerging! "

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