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Prophetic Art & Word - Pandemic Foretelling of the Nation

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

(Prophetic art & word foretelling of the 2020 pandemic and state of the nation one year before events took place)

May 3, 2019

I wrestled with the ideas for this painting this week. My prophetic art usually depicts beauty and Glory... Yet there has been such a fire & conviction burning in my heart that I have been unable to ignore. It's easy to get comfortable in our gifts and lose true intent and lose God's purpose in what we are doing, especially after doing it for some time. As God gave me this Vision I began to re-evaluate what prophetic art really meant to me. I was reminded that Prophetic art expresses the true heart of God, prophetic art speaks, inspires, ignites, awakens, convicts, and can be a voice to our nation our city, and the church. Although there is great Glory in the church and although the kingdom of God is greatly alive in our midst, God's heart still breaks for a lost generation. And his voice it's still going Forth urging laborers into the field for a great harvest that is near. These are not laborers that work by the sweat of their brow, but they are laborers who work by faith equipped with the winnowing fork of the Word of God and prophetic fire in their mouth - Laborers with eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying, Laborers with a mouth to speak boldly in a world where the truth has never been challenged like it has been today. And Laborers with a tongue to intercede on behalf of our sons and fathers and our daughters and mothers. If this is the largest harvest the church will ever see in this last day - then it will require the greatest deal of preparation. So In all of these things, this painting does not depict beauty and Glory, instead, it depicts where we are as a church, as a city, and a nation right now in our present moment. God gave me an image of millions of people across our nation with their mouths shut - intercessors who have yet to intercede, defenders who have yet to defend, preachers who have yet to preach, worshippers who still have yet to release the sound of Gods trumpet in our land. I see a body with eyes but not seeing, with ears but not hearing what the spirit of the Lord is saying in this hour. There are many gifts among us that are covered, shut down, and shut up - still yet to realize that their voice is significant. God is looking fervently for a mouthpiece, hands, and feet. I see artists, writers, musicians, actors, preachers, dancers, and many more as a part of a great awakening that will sweep across our nation, where prayer and the Prophetic are going to be released like never before! When I was a boy and God first began visiting me I had a vision that I was in a church filled with piles & piles of glasses, lenses, & contact boxes on the floor, etc. It was a mass move of God where eyesight, even nearsightedness, farsightedness, and blindness was healed instantly upon entering church in that hour. Even as this move of healing was real & yet to come, God has also said to me "this is a sign that my church needs to see clearly and have their vision healed!" And that there would come a day where spiritual vision would be restored to the body like it never has been before. I believe we are living in that day! God is urging us to open our eyes and uncover our mouths, if we don’t - then many things destined in this hour will cease to be fulfilled. If God is speaking to you through this message and through this painting, ask yourself what have you been delaying to see, delaying to say, and delaying to do - because great breakthrough and revival for all of us is locked up in that very thing! OUR CITY (The mouth of the blindfolded Girl) The Lord said to me "Our city is in our mouths." & others have said that 2019 is the year of the Decree. But even in that word - what we Cease to Decree, what we cease to say, what we cease to pray, and where we cease to intercede, is where God is unable to move… We must take our authority in Christ! Nothing in our cities will be handed over to us freely, but it is something we must take in the spirit by force - it is rightly ours! God has already given it to us - we just have to claim it and maintain it In Jesus Name! In doing so we open the doors of heaven for a perpetual supply of the spirit to be poured out into our homes, churches, businesses, workplaces, culture, and government in an entirely new way. The Holy Spirit and Revival desperately desires to rest upon Cleveland in a way that we have not welcomed it yet. Let us open our hearts, homes, and churches for God to poor out his spirit in every avenue of our lives, let us give him access - even relinquishing the things that we have tried so much to hold onto ourselves. It's only in this that the control we have been fighting to keep will be broken, and out of the broken pieces of control true freedom in the spirit can be released! "The City is In your Mouth" NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER PROPHETIC PAINTING 2019 "The City In Your Mouth!" 32in x 48in Acrylic & Graphite on Canvas By: Michael David Watson, inspired by the Holy Spirit All artwork is available for print and sale

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Michael D. Watson is the founder & pastor of The BreakOut Center Cleveland & MDW Ministries Inc. Called to release Gifts and preach the Gospel through the Prophetic Word & Creativity. Husband & Father of three, author of several books and Prophet Artist based in Cleveland Ohio Michael travels locally & abroad to meet the Call of God.

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